Tottimu also called the fans of Plzen, Duris would not stop in his place

Plzeň. There are not many footballers who are attacking the pitch. In the company of such a prominent player, two Slovaks invaded Viktoria Plzeň – AS Rome at the quarter-final meeting of UEFA 2016/2017.

Francesco Totti came in for 72 minutes and Doorsan Arena applauded 10,326 visitors. “It is an icon not only for AS Roma, but for all the football, the hat below that it will keep the pace at almost forty-four, the whole idea is still unthinkable, I would definitely not end up in it,” said Michal Ďuriš, who stood on the lawn at 78.Minutes.

Marek Bakoš played six minutes longer: “The applause for Totti surprised me, but it does show the understanding of Pilsen supporters who can appreciate the opponent as well.” Francesco Tottiho is the world’s audience. (Source: SITA / AP)

Bakoš, ahead of his eyes, scored on Totti’s bench on the 11th minute. He replied to a quick cashing from a penalty kick and set a 1: 1 score. At the end of his stay on the field he had one more opportunity.

“I got excellent centers from the left side. I saw that Martin Zeman was going to the center, so I tried to make the space, And the ball fell into the net.In the second chance, I missed 20 or thirty centimeters, maybe it was a goal, but it did not succeed, “he described the most important situations.

The Pilsneries immediately at the beginning of the group fights battled with the minimally paper strongest base team E “In addition to the Czech champion and the Italian representative, Austrian Austria and Astra Giurgiu in Romania, but they felt they had a three-point record against Riman.” We consider the draw 1: 1 to be a normal result, Winning. A big club against us and a heavy opponent, who proved the maturity of the ball, stood against us, “Bakoš continued.Read also: Read also: The Slovaks in Plzeň suffer injuries. Maybe this is the championship, according to the coach.

“The point is good, but when we look at the duel, the victory might be more desirable. “He added,” It has been posturing a posturopean syndrome when Viktoria did not succeed in confrontations in the past in the past with international performances:

“We are fighting in three competitions, all We want to manage.Already on Sunday we are waiting for a homecoming match with Karvina, we have been burned in such a constellation several times. We have to be careful and good to regenerate. “Another spectacular performance is on the horizon, but Younis is still concentrating on club duties so far:” I am thinking in Pilsen today, the matches are in a fast track so there is no time to think ahead. Then I switch to the national team. “