The Czech league will test video football in January

The League Football Association (LFA) has signed a contract with FIFA and the IFAB Rules Commission and has been joining video testing since January. The video will be used in the Czech league only in the test mode and will not affect the matches until vedonlyönti internetissä it is finally approved by IFAB. It is expected to be the case in 2018 at the earliest.

The attempt to join the LFA Video Event project has been under consideration since January, when IFAB gave green testing.This week, its leaders signed a contract that LFA will commit to.

“LFA is one of the first associations and is the first East European to sign up for it,” said the chairman LFA Dušan Svoboda on today’s lecture on the future of Czech professional football.

“It does not mean instantly introducing a video but it means collaborating on the development with other participants in the project in order to introduce future video” I> pointed out LFA Director Tomáš Bárt, who is in charge of the project. “After IFAB testing, FIFA and UEFA will assess whether the video will benefit.If this happens, the Czech league will have a significant lead over other countries that have not signed up, “added Svoboda.

The Czech league will use the news only in off-line mode and the main court will not With a videorecord connected with a communication device, aiming at collecting data that will be sent to the Technical University in Belgian Leu, where the project will be evaluated, and the online mode where the video will be involved in the game management will only be used in selected preparatory matches.

FIFA has long been reluctant to play in the FIFA Football Championship, but in January, a fierce decision has been made and IFAB has given the green light, and has been testing since March to which it has been joining more and more associations.The video trial runs for example in league competitions in Australia, Germany, Portugal, Italy and the overseas MLS. In the third American league, even in four matches, even the trial of the referees’ live-vedonlyönti online involvement. Overseas has the biggest experience with the video, as it is a common part of most of the professional competitions there.

The most widely seen attempt was the preparatory match between Italy and France in Bari, when Björn Kuipers, But was connected to a video messenger communicator in a transmission wagon. Everything was also personally watched by UEFA referee boss Pierluigi Collina.The test was also praised by FIFA President Gianni Infantino, who hopes the video could officially be used already at the World Championship in Russia in 2018.

The video is to be used only in disputed situations when shooting goals, penalties And granting a red card. “There is no expectation of a 100% error correction, but clear clear errors that affect game development,” said Bárta.

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