Still silent, the energy extinguished. The catastrophe, Ciger giggled

“This is our problem, we can play good matches and we can play very bad games too. Nothing remains silent. I do not get it. No one can give it up. The silence always disturbs me most. No one can take responsibility for themselves, do something to start the team. No one was able today. We were weak, slow, there was no strength, no team spirit, the energy was completely extinct. “

” In this case, we can get stuck there, I can break everything. This makes me angry – the team can not start, get together. There is silence, no energy. Catastrophe. “Video //

” We did not even allow. At all the meetings we talked about having to go further, not that we won two matches and ended.If players are not able to play every match at full, it’s not ok. “

” I want to see how they will look on Wednesday against Belarus. They must regenerate, start up. That’s their problem, they have to steal it, I can not skate for them. “

” It must be players, they are on ice. I can use the players who did not play, naming the game. Even now against the Germans, we tried to do it. But if there is no motivation and energy, you can do what you want. We have to invent something, but it is first and foremost to have a bigger taste for the win.

” He is the type of goalkeeper who can break.We have failed from the goalie to the last player. “

” We can go for it individually, but the overall performance of Réway after the last player was a disaster. When you can not skate, you are slow, so you do not even have the power. We could not keep up with the puck, that’s the cause of everything. “

” It’s hard to say. From my gaming experience, I know that if you do not manage, you are slower everywhere, it seems like you do not want to. Of course, it’s not good, I can not praise the players for that. It’s up to them. If they want to do that, they must really take action against Belarus. “

” Yes, it Energybet sports betting is a youthful tax. They’re breaking fast. Older experienced players are able to get started even if they do not.Today, nobody was able to change anything. “

” I’ll see what happens. I’m going to be spontaneous. “

” We’re playing now, we can not throw away everything we’ve done so far. Energybet online betting free bets We played the game, we are not enthusiastic, we did not manage it. But we can make it up and win against Belarus. “

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