Slovaks without stars beat Georgia. Nemec gave two goals, scored also Zrelak

without cards, they decided: Drachta – Brandner, Kühr (all of Austria), 800 spectators

WELS. He was not too much on the bench. Vladimir Weiss, a Slovak trainer in Georgian service, often stood at the side line, directed the players. He nodded his head, angry. His son, Vladimir Weiss Jr., has decided to score a goal before the match. But his father did not endanger himself. They saved him.

Slovakia’s football players took part in a preliminary match against Georgia without the greatest hinds. Hamšík or Škrtel took pictures of the tribune with the spectators. Most players were given the chance to fight for a place in the nomination for the June ME.

Trainer Ján Kozák moved pragmatically.He set up a second round, with three players under 21 years of age, including two newcomers – the footman Milan Škriniar and midfielder Matus Beer. The third-in-a-side striker Adam Zreľák had only twenty-five minutes before the A-Team. Photo galleries from match Slovakia – Georgia (8 photos)

The first goal of the match was Adam Nemec, who was outfitted by Matúš Bero. The second was also added by Nemec when he used the Lukáš Tesák’s center. The third one scored from a direct kick after the mistake of the goalkeeper Adam Zreľák.Bero took the

The players who fight for the nomination, Bero was most interested in the match.Trenčianský futbalista chválilo pohodu z klubu i do reprezentace.

Position of offensive midfielder enjoyed. Tirelessly ran into the open spaces, attacking the opponents, gaining important balls. For every move he felt he was fighting for a nomination to France.

A twenty-year-old youth in the game also showed a piece of football art. He was not afraid of fighting one on one. His perpendiculars were dangerous.

One of them scored Adam Nemec. Later he turned his opponent back to the gate and pushed the Zrelak. His directness and acceleration were fascinated. Matus Bero (with number 15) took the performance. (Source: SITA)

Universal Erik Sabo operated on the right side of the backup. From the beginning it was understandable that he was missing a match practice. In PAOK Solún did not play at all in the spring.The two midfielder shocks were his only positive flash.

He was replaced by Šesták after the hour of the game.

The defensive midfielder Jan Greguš entered the game nervously. The soccer player of Czech Jablonec played for sure. His defeat before the sixth should not be at this level. In the second half he improved. The opponent gave a goal Adam Zrelak bet offers came as a left wanderer. The young slogan felt it was not his position. He tried to help Tesak who was behind him. He did not make much of it much. Nevertheless, he will not forget this match. After a direct kick, he scored the first goal in the senior team. The captain of the Slovakian twenty-one unit is better off to feel the attack.Adam Zreľák (second away) is looking forward to his goal. (Source: TASR)

Stopper Milan Škriniar did not play as soberly as in the national team until 21 years but did not disappoint. Tasks fulfilled. Right defender Norbert Gyomber was a similar case. Even though he felt he was missing a game practice from the club.

Tesak did not make a major mistake, but he missed the goal, but otherwise he lacked more courage and creativity.

Match at the stadium The club from the fourth Austrian league watched about eight hundred spectators.Hlas:

The late Jan Novot was greatly interfering with the shot of Kasha.

Jan Mucha has the space in the goal, the defense begins with the composition of Norbert Gyömbér, Kornel Saláta, Milan Škriniar and Lukáš Tesák.In the middle of the field, Kozák chose the shield midfielders Viktor Pečovský and Ján Greguš, who were added by Erik Sabo, Matúš Bero, Adam Zreľák and Adam Nemec. % 2F% 2Fsfzofficial% 2Fposts% 2F1017003288352785% 3A0 & width = 500

“Never dreamed I would ever play against boys who helped me a lot He also tried to help them, even against his son.I never wanted to play against my country or against the Slovan, but life also brings such moments, “admitted Vladimir Weiss older for server. Read also: Read also: Weiss: I never wanted to play against my country or against This is life

“There is no stronger and weaker assembly.We have good and even better players and we try to fold the basic elevens so that the players are typologically saddled, “added Ján Kozásek assistant Štefan Tarkovič on Thursday.

In addition to Ján Kozák and his assistant Štefan Tarkovič, Also the coach Martin Rusňák. This is what the Slovak footballers have been training in Austria over the past few days. Https:// Slovenska sa v Austria is preparing for the European Championship.

First they will face Georgia on Friday in Wels. The match starts at 17.30. On Sunday, again from 17.45. In Augsburg they are measuring their forces with Germany. Please also read: Read also: Kozák signaled by vests. Shans against the Georgians get youngsters

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