Skiing: Zuzul in Zwiesl on the rank of winners

ZWIESEL, Feb. 29 (SITA) – The fight for crystal globes in the World Cup is coming to a final stage. Although the prestigious trophies will be handed out during the final week in mid-March in Bormio, Italy, the next weekend will bring a lot to the fight. Slovenian Veronika Zuzulová, who is ranked fourth in the ranking of the most active discipline, is also in the top slalom. The ninth attempt to win the first victory over the weekend in Zwiesel, Germany, in the betting site offers Bavarian Forest.

Zuzula’s great balance after the New Year (two second, one third and one fourth) is a respectable respect.The hill in Zwiesel should be sitting there, this is the place where it was the first time in the World Cup competition in 2004. “In the remaining two slaloms of the season, I will make the most of my success so I can go higher from the current fourth straight. It will not be enough for the overall victory, but every move forward will be good, “she promised 23-year-old Bratislavčanka to the 3rd place in Zagreb two weeks ago. Zuzula is currently losing 31 points to Finn Tanja Poutiainen 31 points and 129 points to Marshall Schild, Austria’s lord.

Technical disciplines should be hunted in the center near the Czech border unconventionally in the reversed guard, or slalom already on Saturday.The reason for this is the worry of windmill organizers with the rain and snow reported at the end of the weekend, and slalom has priority in this respect before the ‘foot’. “According to the latest information, it will be quite dense over the weekend. For us, however, it is only good that slalom will be on Saturday. Veronike could do that. It will also be more relaxed, “said Zuzula’s manager Róbert Magát for SITA. He also added that Zuzula had been practicing in Hinterreit in Austria prior to her Wednesday departure to Germany. “Originally it should have been in Reiteralm, but there were no suitable conditions.Together with Zuzulovce Finter Poutiainen, Croatian Jelusic and Norwegian Sister Löseth also prepared in Hinterreit. “In Zwiesel, the world’s best slalom races will also fight for lucrative financial rewards in addition to the World Cup points. Of the total package of 100,000 euros, the winner will be awarded the 35,000 prize, the second in the order of 23,000 and the third of 15,000. According to Sebastien Arbinger, head of the Sebastien Arbitra, there are, in addition to the financial prizes, the Crystal Cups for slalom winners and huge slalom, and another special bonus From Joska’s partner. “Three of the best in the sum of the two races,Internal combination, will receive financial vouchers for the purchase of goods at 400, 250 euros, “Arbinger said. On Friday afternoon, he added the current weather forecast info: “Over the weekend it will rain and snow, but the race should not be jeopardized.”

The 1st round best bet offers of slalom should be on Saturday at 10.00, The second round with the best thirties will arrive at 13.00 hrs. The same starts are set for Sunday’s huge slalom.

The overall ranking of women in the World Cup (after 30 of 38 races):

1. Lindsey Vonn (USA) 1103 points, 2. Nicole Hospo (AUT) 1049, 3. Maria Rieschová (Germany) 981, 4. Marlies Schild (Austria) 951, 5. Elisabeth Görglová (Austria) 922, 6.Julia Mancusová (USA) 846, 7. Anja Pärsonová (Sweden) 819, 8. Tanja Poutiainenová (Finland) 704, 9. Renate Götschlová (Rak.) 629, 10. Denise Karbonová


Marlies Schild (AUT) 540 points, 2. Nicole (SP) 431.

(Czech Republic) 332 6. Therese Borssenová (Sweden) 303, 7. Chiara Costazzová (Austria) 465, 3. Tanja Poutiainen (Fin.) 452, 4. Veronika Zuzulová Tal.) 265, 8. Maria Rieschová (Germany) 249, 9. Kathrin Zettelová (Austria) 192, 10. Nina Löseth (Norway) 161

Veronika Zuzulová in slalom season 2007/08 SP:

5th place – Reiteralm (Austria, 10th November 2007)


2nd place – Spindlerov Mlyn (Czech Republic, December 9, 2007)

6th place – Ofterschwang (Germany, 27 January 2008)

2nd place – Maribor (Slovenia, 13 January 2008)

3rd place – Zagreb (Croatia, February 15, 2008)

??? – Zwiesel (Germany, March 1, 2008)

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