Shooting Gun in Skalica: Zilina is the winner of a 11-shot shotgun

SKALICA – Guests from Zilina in Hant arena have not waited for anything and have fallen to their opponent for the first few seconds. He was crowned with 55 years after opening Tomas score.

The housewives then added and settled in 3rd min. The schoolgirl held the puck behind the goal, waited for the Obstacle to whom he directed a precise pass through the circles and he was not mistaken. The score changed again in a minute. Domáci Kutálek offered a nice pass to Mraz and Koutský vyrážačku adjusted it to 2: 1 for the home team. But they did not like it for a long time. In the 8th minute, Tomas surprised Lipovsky from the corner of the skate almost from a zero angle. The home keeper after this goal left Romancik instead. He held a net account until 18.min, when he was overtaken by Kalla after the perfect combination, and he did not give him a chance to shoot.

what eventually succeeded them. In the 29th minute, Mikes was just ahead of Koutsky but did not push the puck into the net. Still, Stieler pushed him in and nudged Kropac, who compared him. The unstable condition resumed in the 32nd minute, Tomas again got into a separate leak, and the shot was over the Romancik Concrete topping the hetrik. At the end of the third, Stieler could still cope with Koutský’s intent and he pulled the puck.

In the third third, the home team had to score again. In the 45th minute they finally succeeded. During the presidential game, Obdržálek pushed forward. The balanced state resisted to 51.min, when Romancik scored a huge mistake in the game and gave Tomas a goal again. In the 53rd minute he used the confusion in the home goalie Drevenák and the coach “Záhorákov” had to take a rest time. In the second half of the third period, the home coach Vyboh decided for power-play. The result came and the schoolboy dropped to a single goal difference. However, it was not enough to make it, and the Žilinians left Záhoria with a full point gain.

Andrej Výboh (coach Skalice): “Today we were able to put pressure on the other we were able to make mistaken mistakes that the opponent took advantage of.”

Róbert Kaláber (coach of Žilina): “First of all, I like to take three points from Skalice. This match was wild from the first to the final minute. There have been many goals, which is attractive to viewers, but not for our coaches. The main credit for our victory is played by Tomas and the older players who have managed to make this duel. “