Pelta addressed Jarolim, he was interested in the representation. It is waiting for Boleslav

The chairman of the football association Miroslav Pelta proposed to the executive committee the vacant post of coach Karel Jarolím from Mladá Boleslav. He has accepted his proposal and is now waiting for the Monday meeting with the Central Bohemian club. Jaromír Šetrle designed Jaroslav Šetrle as manager. On Friday, the Executive Committee also appointed Chief Judge of the Pole Committee, Michal Listkiewicz.

“Karel Jarolím was the only one I approached, and last night we discussed the possibility of becoming a coach of the team.Karel Jarolím showed interest, on Monday we invited Mr. Dufek (head of Mladá Boleslav) to the meeting and I hope that we will sign the contract for a week with Karel Jarolím, “he said on Friday after the meeting of the Pelta Executive Committee.

Said that Jarolim would remain for a few more weeks as a coach of Mladá Boleslav. “He expressed interest that he would still be able to work in the Central Bohemian club for a while, especially the pre-league of the European League, which I think we could do for him. For match matches with Armenia (friendly match) and Northern Ireland (MS qualification), we would like to have it fully available for the national team, “added Pelta.

About Jarolim, in the past.The experienced coach has successes with Slavi, who led to two titles and the first round of the Champions League, and Mlada Boleslav went to the cups. The leaders of the FAČR are looking for a new coach after Pavel Vrba left for Machačkala after a failed European Championship.

The Executive Committee of the Football Association of the Czech Republic has appointed Chief of the Committee of Poles, Michal Listkiewicz, The task of submitting a proposal for new members of the Commission. The existing one has been revoked.

“Now we have only the chairman and he must submit a proposal for a new commission.” Mr. Listkiewicz introduced us his vision.He has the idea that he wants to evaluate the round every week to say who has mistaken what the punishments are, “the FAČR chairman told Miroslav Pelta.

The 36-year-old Listkiewicz used to be an elite European judge, He was nominated for the 1988 Olympic Games, the 1988 ME or the 1994 World Championships. Since 1989, he has worked as a press spokesman, secretary general, vice chairman and president since 1999. He is currently a member of the FIFA Referee Commission.

At the end of the last season Miroslav Tulinger was replaced by Dagmar Damkova, who resigned during the spring due to workload in UEFA and FIFA international organizations.