Nadal can catch up with Federer

BRATISLAVA. With the sixth title on Roland Garros and the tenth overall at the Grand Slam tournament, Rafael Nadal has ranked among the top tennis players. Only seven tennis players have a double-digit number of first-person tournaments. Record – sixteen – Nadal’s final rival Roger Federer in Paris. But while the Swiss is 29 years old and the best tennis age behind him, 25-year-old Spaniard is full of strength and hungry for more victories.

“Nadal can once have Grand Slam titles to catch up with Federer,” said former 12th player ATP ladder Dominik Hrbaty. “If Rafa gets an average of two firsts every year, he could settle for about three years.But in the case of the Spanish left, it would have to be an ideal constellation of form and solid health. “In 25 years he is better than Federer. Last year, he completed his grandslam career in 24 years. Federer overtook three years ago.

And other important indicators are better than his Swiss rival. Now, the native of Mallorca has 10 grandslam titles, while Federer has eight years of age at the age of 25.

Andalusian king Nadal has won three consecutive years (2005-2007) only on Roland Garros, but when he has learned to play on other surfaces and Federer has humbled the 2009 Wimbledon Grass finley on Melbourne 2009, He has become a complete tennis player and a global player.In his 2010 best year, he added a triumph in New York where Novak Djokovic won the final. Djokovic finds a recipe

Just 24 years old Djokovic has become Nadal’s hardest opponent. With a Serbian tennis player, led by Slovakian coach Marian Vajd, has a match of 16:11, but all four of this year’s matches – including two on clay – lost him.With Federer, Nadal on Roland Garros has improved his stats to 17: 8 and overcame him in all three of this year’s fights.

“Nadal has played in cards that Federer has deposed Djokovic in the semifinals in a fantastic match,” Hrbaty said. “He was glad he did not have to meet a Serbian tennis player in the final but with the Swiss he believes.”

Aggressively playing Djokovic does not hinder Nadal’s upsurge like Federer. Djokovic is in the hurry to push Nadal, run him over and close it. Vajdov has found a recipe for Spaniel, has a psychic advantage.Nadal Breathing Back After Roland Garros, Nadal maintained the post of the World Unity, but his lead over Djokovic’s 405 scored to just 45 points. If the Serbian tennis player continues with this year’s excellent performances, he would soon be able to replace Nadal on the throne.

The pair of Nadal – Djokovic are producing exciting battles and Federer can not yet be depreciated. “Roger can win Wimbledon, his tennis is effective on the grass,” added Hrbaty.

Djokovic has only two grandslam titles so far, and it will be hard to catch up with both rivals.