Kuzmin starts to rebound. He also wants to experiment

BRATISLAVA. The latest World Cup races in Chanty-Mansiyya, Siberia, have also been used by Anastasia Kuzmin to rejoin her native Chennai. “I was there with my son, visiting my parents and finally I could show them Olympic medals. We also made a little jump. The season is not over yet, Kamchatka is still waiting for some commercial commercials, “says a successful biathlete at the end of the season. “It is very difficult, I do not like it too much, I do not care much about privacy, it’s not getting used to it so quickly,” says Nasta.Despite everything, however, every message is as good as before: pleasant, warm, smiling. Even though he smiles in front of many click-cameras, he has to shut up.

In response to the question of where it is known and popular in Banská Bystrica or Čeňna, it does not hesitate for a moment: “Uniquely in Banská Bystrica. I can see with my own eyes that they are more respectful of my achievements. Even half of Russia, holding my thumbs, is very happy.I was very grateful to the fans that they also had a beautiful race together with me. “By the way, she received a decree on the honorable citizenship of the town of Banská Bystrica yesterday.

After the Olympics, it included a lot of donations and awards that were added in the last few days A golden simkart from a mobile operator, she will be able to use her for free calls to the end of her life, as she spends most of her life on the move, separated from her parents and siblings, “I am pleasantly surprised. Sometimes one needs to get in touch, “she said.When asked first to whom she called, she said without hesitation: “Syncek.” She does not want to see the screws. “Kuzmin has still titanium screws in the dowry cubes that keep them together when fractured, when will they get rid of them?” They can be chosen at least five years after surgery, “says the biathlete. Not before June. Even though they had made gold and silver during the Olympics, they did not leave a screw on the monument. “I do not want to see them,” he shakes his head.

The World Cup has ended with a podium placement and it has twenty races in the overall classification. “It was the maximum I could achieve because of absences in more races.In some, I did not end up in the age of forty or four, and I was also injured or tired. I will try to make myself more successful in the coming season, “she assesses her performance in the World Cup.

There was not much to say about preparing for the new season:” We did not get to talk about it, sit down. Now I’m going to be preparing for the semester of the month for Kamchatka and then I’ll see it, I want to get into it like I did not win the Olympics, with a clear head. ”

Last year, the coach and the stock changed to Malokalibrovka. Is there any reason to change anything after such a fantastic Olympic season? “I do not want to change the coach or the rifle. In preparation, however, I would like to try some things.It is time to experiment and I will try to find the best options. There is enough time for the next Olympics to be up to four years, “argues the Slovak biathlete.