Kozák dropped from the cadre in front of Tesák, Ber, Sabo and Zrelak

BRATISLAVA. Ján Kozák, the coach of the Slovak Football Association, nominated a final nomination of 23 players for the European Championships in France (10 June – 10 July). (2: 1), the two quarters of winning preliminary matches against Georgia (3: 1) and Germany (3: 1). Read also: Read also: QUESTION: The fight for the nomination culminates.Which footballer should go to the European Championship?

“I decided after a meeting with Germany when I saw that the health condition allowed all players to go to the championship. I was waiting for the condition of Hubočan, who is also right, so I chose the 23 football players. Life is a decision that is not pleasant and the person does not like it, and colleague Štefan Tarkovič had to tell four players that I will not go to France, but they did a good job in favor of the team, Bero and Zrelak are young players who showed the potential we can To count with them in the future. I had a difficult decision with Tesak and Sab.On the left side I have a pair of Hubočan – Švento, so the choice for the deportation to Tesák was dropped. In favor of Gyömbera, when compared to Sabo, he played better in the defensive, even though Erik was universal, “Kozak explained his nomination at a Monday press conference at the headquarters of the Slovak Football League.

His team thinks It’s balanced.

“We have a fairly wide cock, jagged posts and that’s good. The team is stacked so that it can hardly surprise us. Players are up and running, Slovak football is supposed to lean on. I’ve been cooperating with some players for three years, I know how they will react in a particular situation.The big question was the right defender, where we did not have an alternative, “added Kozák. Read also: Read also: Without experiments Cossack will rely on proven names before the ME

The assistant Stefan Tarkovich.

“Each of the players came to the camp to get to the final tournament. This is certainly not a good feeling for them not going to France. I think each of them took it professionally, I explained their arguments. Even this brings football life.They were disappointed, but it was nothing tragic. “Read also: They are confident and overwhelming. The Slovaks have overcome the last three world champions

Kozák has also included 21-year-old hater Milan Škriniar, who “Škriniar was the only member of the team in a successful EURO 2016 qualifier, but Kozak gave him a chance to show him.”

“He hurt to leave To a club where he did not play.On the other hand, he trains daily with quality teammates. It is hard to say whether he would benefit from staying in our league. In the training process, the match also showed that a high-quality horseradish grows. From behind he has a good match, he is strong, confident, has big assumptions. In addition, it is usable for the post-defensive midfielder in the game play when opponents push us, “said Kozak, the youngest member of the cadre. Read also: Read also: He was disgusted, now he was given a chance.Slovak talent should be replaced once Škrtela

In the end, figuring menoslove three players from Slovakia Fortuna league. They include goalkeeper Ján Mucha, his club teammate from Slovan Bratislava central back Kornel Saláta and midfielder Viktor Pečovský of MSK Zilina.

In the squad of ten players who were six years ago at the World Cup in South Africa, where Slovakia led by Vladimir Weiss. Moved to the eighth final.

The fight for the nomination had already taken place before the concentration in Austria,In the March association term, in which the Slovaks drew at home with Latvia 0: 0 and in Dublin against Ireland also achieved a 2: 2 indecisive.

On the Continental Championship, the Slovak team is waiting for the historic premiere. Only one preparatory game will take place before leaving for France, and the general will meet with another participant in Northern Ireland’s final tournament on Saturday 4th June at 20:45 in Trnava.

The expedition will take off to the country of the “galského kohúta” on Monday 6 .June at 2.00 pm from Letiska M.R.

The first one awaits her on Saturday, June 11, at 6 pm CEST in Bordeaux against Wales, going to be the duel of two debutants at the European Championship.

Kozak will be picked up by the retailers against Russia and the group will close their matches on Monday 20th.June 21 at 21:00 CEST in Saint-Étienne against England’s favorite.

The first two teams of each of the six four-plus teams plus the top four of the third places will be sent to the final. >