It was the intention, Panak said of the winning shot from a heavy angle

Karvine’s striker Filip Panák was only three minutes to play today’s match against Bohemians 1905 as the winning goal. The goalkeepers of Viktor Budinsky have been struck by a technical missile almost at zero point.

“I wanted to give it so much, I’m trying to do it, and now it’s out.” Laštůvka – goalkeeper Karviná) I think it’s always annoying for every goalkeeper, “he told the journalists a twenty-one-year-old Panák, who came to play in the second half instead of the assailant Pavol Jurc.

Three minutes later His moments of glory came.He first surprised stopera Švece, who took the ball before the penalty area, then the goalie. “That was the fault of a hitchhiker who hesitated, and I was almost on the ramp, there was not much to be imagined.” The Gólman was already on the center, still straining his leg and knocking it there. That lucky goal, “said Panak.

His goal scored three points because the Bohemians 1905 could not answer. “I’m glad it’s been so, I’ve been there, it’s the best thing to do when you get there and you’ll score a goal,” said Panak

I When he was not in the first half on the lawn, he watched another unconvincing start of his teammates from the bench.There was not much to win, as in the previous two matches against Sparta and the Slovaks, quickly. “Our entries do not go, we’re trying to lose it, but we still do not get it, they were better in the first half, but that’s my lucky goal, and then it’s been tipped to our side. “

The newcomer was so successful after two defeats and just before the winter break he managed to keep in the middle of the table . “We wanted to have twenty points in the winter and we have them.This is a perfect prerequisite for a quiet break.We have another match in Brno, every extra point would be great,” said Panák.