Here it broke! Of course the season, not the foot, laughed at Spotakova

The smile on the face of the world record player in a javelin throw has left Monday’s performance at the Josef Odložil Memorial in Prague. The race, Barbora Špotáková, won 63.79 meters. And after her training patches, when she broke her leg at the end of March and could not train for a long time, she really enjoyed her yesterday’s race. “This is where it broke, of course the season, not the leg,” she praised.

Only the second race this season was the best Czech javelin who will attack the third gold medal at the August Olympics in Rio de Janeiro . And her performances have an ascending trend, which was particularly enjoyable by Spotakova himself.For the first time in the last attempts, a longer start, and the start of the championship in Tábor (17th-19th June) is scheduled to start. “It will be Bára Špotáková now. It was Bára Špotáková with a broken leg so far. “

You look much more satisfied. Did he rule a long 63.79 meter smile on his lips?
“Now there is a smile on his lips, and it is also the promise of more smiles in the season, if that goes any better. Now I did not know about the leg for the first time. But it was hard enough to try full racing during the race. It was just testing.The next race will be better. “

Can you compare the diamond lane raises last week in Rome and now in Prague?
” In Rome, I went out of the way. “

And here you have checked the start?
” The last one was mine, even the penultimate one. I just changed every time I started and looked at the signs. But the meters are decent and there is a huge reserve. This is definitely not the perfect roll. I’m very well prepared and I have to put it a bit together with it during. I just need these races.The postponed memorial was the ideal race for me to train and try something and I do not have to be stressed that there are only three attempts like diamonds in Rome. “ Read the entire conversation with Barbora Špotáková on Tuesday Sport.