Graham with one of Dinam’s turnarounds: This waved to the Slovan

BRATISLAVA – The Continental Hockey League (KHL) champion, Dinamo Moscow, has enjoyed an excellent entry into the season as he walked from one victory to another, but he has suffered a smaller crisis over the past few days. A series of three defeats managed to break on Monday in the ice of Slovan Bratislava, best online betting sites offers where in the repeat of the past quarter-quarter play off of the West Conference triumphed 5: 4, although in 43 minutes still played 1: 3. The Slovak defender, Dominik Graňák, who served in the service of the Moscow club, was also in the best position.with a 3: 3 premier goal in the year.

a shotgun and a participant in the nine world championships. “We did not play well, especially in the defense. Often, we have pushed the Slavs to our front.We made a few mistakes that the home punished quite quickly. Fortunately we managed to turn the score and after three games we have three points, which is important. “

em> “It helped us, because we have been struggling with shooting so far. I’m glad we got there, and we’ve run over Slovan. I hope we will start winning now, “says the 30-year-old defender who has a 1 + 1 balance after eight matches. ” In the last games, we were a little bit confident, .The mood in the team was not good anymore. Slovan played excellent in the first two thirds, but at the second break we said in the dressing room that nothing was lost. In this composition, we are basically three years old and in a similar situation we have found ourselves several times. Many times we’ve managed to turn this unfavorable state, so we did not put up guns. I’m glad we managed to win, the points we already needed as a salt. “

Graňák played an important role in the Dinamo defence in the past two seasons and had a significant share in the last but in the new year, his penalization has dropped slightly. “After the first game I lost my opponents. Today I got a chance again, so I was more on ice, I was more in the puck that helped me.I made a few mistakes, but I felt better than on Saturday in Prague, “ was grateful to the experienced beck he spent on ice at 23:59 min, most of the Dinam skaters. > The trophy defender confirms that he knows the Slovan, and he did not play with the Slovak participants yet in one of the seven KHL confrontations. “Statistics are a bit distorted because the matches were mostly balanced and some of us won the victories in extension. But I would be very glad to continue this. “ The former player Dukly Trenčín, Slavia in Prague, Färjestad and Rögle have already been.

Slovan after the loss continues with four points peloton.While he’s been holding the turnout for almost all of the season, the play offs for him are far removed.

“I would not say that the Slovan is weaker than last year, not quite a full-fledged entry into the season, it would have been bouncing off, it would be wacky with everyone, the wrestling is a lot and every crisis, it’s unpleasant when it comes in right at the beginning, matches are played every day and players do not have time to clean up their heads But I’m holding the slogans to get it and get them to win, “Graňák added