Experts believe in the final of France: He plays at home and has factor X – Griezmann

The EURO 2016 final is here. Experts addressed by Sunday Sporte, before the battle of France and Portugal, lean on the side of the organizing country, although they recognize the strength of the rival and his greatest star Cristian Ronald. But according to the majority, Real Madrid’s trophy is short. For example, Jan Koller, former Czech Republic’s cannon, appreciates the offensive game of France, and he also thinks he is playing at home. “Moreover, he has a factor X, which is Antoine Griezmann,” adds David Holoubek, assistant to Sparta’s coach.

Canoner Jan Koller has already played his days in the Czech republic but has watched EURO 2016 In France, has an overview of the players there. They claim there are trumps on the side of the Gauls cockpit before the final. “They’re better overall.Griezmann, Payet and Giroud have scored twelve goals in total, that’s a big number, “he says,” he is greeted by the Czech long-haul assault.

That’s why he believes that the European Football Day will be rejoicing. “I would add two arguments: the home environment that the French manage and a lot of honest defenses,” he said, what he can decide in the final.

France favors most of the experts. For example, Sparta’s coach assistant David Holoubek has a simple explanation why. “He has a better team than an opponent. In addition, there is a factor X Griezmann who has a fantastic tournament, “says Sparta’s main final trump. “In addition, there is another extra player – Pogba. The two are able to decide the final.I think Ronaldo will not be able to. “

All about the EURO in France follow HERE & gt; & gt; > According to Prague Bohemian coach Miroslav Koubek, after the start of France’s start, he started off. “I tipped her for the champion before the championship. He has a more compact team, better players, he is systemically level, more balanced, and above all more goal-oriented, “he said. “The Ronaldo for Portugal can, of course, hit at any time, but the French team is seasoned by Griezmann, the champion star.”

The only one who was in the poll on the side of Ronald and others was Mlada Boleslav’s midfielder Jakub Rada.He admitted that none of the EURO 2016 finalists was his favorite at the start of the championship. “I wish Portugal to Ronald. I did not see all their matches, but they are probably in the finals, “adds the Council.

Which expert will ultimately be right to show off on Sunday from 21:00 when the EURO 2016 final kickout. / P>

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