Boulařka Vaculíková ends in twenty years of career

In twenty years, he managed to carve out a bronze medal in the Junior World Championships and even experienced two races at the Olympics. Smiling blonde Tereza Vaculíková but the Moguls will no longer continue. Career ends due to problems with his knees and desire to devote more study.

“It was the decision of the day were more reasons,” explains Vaculíková. “I wanted to pay more school, I felt it a little bit Sidi. Professional sport today is not a direct specialization, they are different fitness training, sponsorship obligations, mental training, a lot of organizational issues. In our national coach does not work.When those little things pile up, there’s a lot a little free time left. “

The student Brno law school to parting with senior sportováním decided also because of the condition of his knee, which was after the operation in 2011 repeated problems .

“Sport, which I do not at the knees best. I felt that the time is right to quit, “says Vaculíková. “In the spring I was on the examination by Prof. Kolar, who said that professional sport do not entirely appropriately constructed knees. Training must spend every day on the joints, it was quite a burden.So I decided that I’ll leave it. “

Vaculíková despite his youth gathered several successes. In addition to the bronze medal at the Junior World Championship 2011 in the World Cup race in Are came in seventh place.

“If someone asked me if I regret that I was the sport despite all the injuries donated, I will answer that not . I enjoyed it, brought me a lot of experience moments that you will never forget, “says Vaculíková. “Athletes who continue, even if it destroys their health, nobody should condemn.Everyone has priorities set elsewhere. “

bittersweet career peaks were for Tereza Vaculíková two races at the Olympics. In 2010, she arrived in Vancouver at the age of seventeen, the youngest Czech Olympian this year in Sochi already had more experience. In both cases, however, fell and finished last, but also her way down accompanied by the applause of the audience.

“I Olympiad profit and power fail, but I will remember fondly. The atmosphere is unforgettable and you will experience moments that sometimes not, “says Vaculíková. “I’m glad for the Olympics.Being twenty-two Olympics is such a bonus. “

About his future still Vaculíková not clear, but is looking forward to what life brings. “A lot of things I will miss. On the other hand, when one corner-sports, focusing on one thing. Now I opened a lot of opportunities, I can choose almost anything, “says Vaculíková. “I’m at peace with it. I feel like it’s time to quit. It’s not that I was drowning in regret, but rather look forward to what’s to come. “